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COVID-19 Test & Treatment

Rapid COVID-19 Test with COVID-19 treatment medications
*by prescription only*

Smartphone required to make appointment

Only 4 simple steps to get your test:


1.) Click on the Location button of where you want to schedule your appointment

      -A parent or gaurdian will need to schedule an appointment for those under 18 years old

2.) Arrive at the pharmacy for your appointment ***PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE***

      -Call pharmacy from the COVID testing location - located by back door to the pharmacy with a sign or orange cone

3.) Get swabbed by the pharmacist IN YOUR CAR

4.) Positive results are reported directly to you in 15-20 minutes by a direct message to your smartphone

5.) If you test positive, contact your provider to obtain a prescription and have them send it to our pharmacy.

6.) Once we recieve the prescription it will be brought out to your car within roughly 15-20 minutes. (timing may vary due to pharmacy workload at the time of test) *Prescription insurance information will be collected to bill for the prescription dispensing fee

Schedule your appointment for:

Rapid Antigen Test:
Results in 15 minutes, first line testing option, mild nasal swab

Location Options:

Please choose the location you want to schedule your appointment and follow the instructions to book your COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing appointment:

***If you are booking an appointment for someone less than 18yo , you HAVE to create the initial profile using a parent or legal gaurdian information - then when you make the appointment it will give you the option to make an appointment for someone else - this is where you will enter the informtion for the minor who needs to be tested***

Kirk's Pharmacy in Eatonville:

104 Mashell Ave N.

Eatonville, WA 98328

(P) 360-832-3121

Kirk's Pharmacy and Compounding:

618 S Meridian

Puyallup, WA 98371

(P) 253-848-2011

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