Naloxone can Save Lives

Naloxone is an easy-to-use, lifesaving antidote to overdose from heroin or other opioids. Used in hospitals and by first responders for decades, the medication has no abuse potential and can be administered with basic training.

To help combat the affliction of opiate addiction and overdose, we promote the use of Naloxone (trade name Narcan®) and the use of a take-home Naloxone Kit.

Our trained pharmacists are able to provide Take Home Naloxone Kits and training to anyone who needs and wants it.  No appointment or prescription needed.

Naloxone works by blocking opioid drugs, such as heroin and oxycodone, from attaching to opioid receptors in the brain.

If you are interested in learning more about Naloxone, please call any of our pharmacy locations.


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