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Our Mission:

To meet the health care needs of our patients and community by providing the highest quality care through optimizing medication use and ensuring medication safety.


Kirk's Pharmacy is your hometown pharmacy

dedicated to providing fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service

from our experienced staff.

A Brief History of Kirk's Pharmacy

Pharmacy Beginnings

Kirk’s Pharmacy started in Eatonville, WA in 1929, then named Drug Store under the ownership of Leonard Swanson. In addition to being a pharmacy, Drug Store was a soda fountain, US Post Office, and a dress shop. 

Pharmacy Transitions

In 1940, Lou Grant and George Hagan bought the pharmacy. They renamed it to Rexall Drug and removed the

soda fountain. The post office and

dress shop became a barber shop

and beauty parlor. 


In 1965, Bob and Betty Allison became the majority shareholder in the pharmacy and changed the name again to Eatonville Drug Company. 


In 1981, Skip Colton purchased the pharmacy from Bob and Betty. He completely renovated the entire pharmacy building, removing the barber shop and beauty salon during the process to expand the pharmacy.

Under Skip's ownership the name changed to Colton’s Pharmacy. 


In 1986, Kirk Heinz was hired by Skip

to manage and run the pharmacy. 

Kirk Takes Ownership

In 1995, Kirk purchased the pharmacy from Skip and changed the name to Kirk’s Pharmacy. 

Since 1929 the pharmacy in Eatonville, WA has been a pillar of health and support for the small logging community.  While it has changed many hands and owners over the years, it has always been “Your Hometown Pharmacy.”

Kirk's Pharmacy Expansion

Over the next 10 years Kirk built a strong reputation for the pharmacy he was operating. In 2003, Pediatrician Henry Reitzug was building a new three building medical campus and wanted to put a pharmacy on campus.  He asked Kirk to expand his pharmacy business and open a second location within this new Sunrise Medical Campus.  This was the start of Kirk’s Pharmacy at Sunrise.  


Kirk’s Pharmacy and now Kirk’s Pharmacy at Sunrise continued to be top performing pharmacies in Pierce County, which led to the Medical Director for the Sound Family Medicine group to ask Kirk to once again expand his pharmacy to another location. This pharmacy would be located in one of the Sound Family Medicine Hartland Buildings, and in 2009 become Kirk’s Pharmacy at Hartland.  In 2013 Kirk’s son Andrew graduated from pharmacy school and took over the management of Kirk’s Pharmacy at Hartland. 


The Kirk’s Pharmacy at Hartland location quickly outgrew its space, and in 2018 Kirk and Andrew relocated the pharmacy to a newly renovated building in Downtown Puyallup.  Changing the pharmacy location allowed them to expand their services and sparked

a pharmacy name change to

Kirk’s Pharmacy and Compounding. 

Our Leadership Team

Andrew Heinz

PharmD, University of Washington. Second generation owner of Kirk’s Pharmacy. Along with his father Kirk, Andrew is driven to make his community a healthier, better place. Andrew’s primary role is to oversee all pharmacy operations for the company.


Owners: Kirk and Andrew Heinz

Kirk Heinz

RPh, Washington State University. Founder and owner of Kirk’s Pharmacy. Kirk’s passion is to help make his community a healthier, better place. His goal is to provide the very best in patient care and customer service to his patients each and every day.

Pharmacist Managers


Julie Mann

RPh, University of Washington. Julie manages our Eatonville Pharmacy and has been with Kirk's Pharmacy for over 20 years. She always makes the extra effort to take care of her patients.


Andrew Heinz

PharmD, University of Washington. Andrew manages our Downtown Puyallup Pharmacy. Andrew uses technology and workflow efficiency to reduce the wait time for patient's prescriptions and allow for more 1-on-1 time with his patient's.  He enjoys building a strong rapport with all of his patients. 

Compounding Lab

Tien Nguyen

PharmD, University of Washington. Tien is our Compounding Lab Manager. He oversees all compounding operations for the company. Through custom compounded prescriptions Tien is able to individualize medications for patients where traditional medicine has failed them.


Dayl Eccles

Pharm, University of Washington. Dayl is responsible for clinical services and the expanded role of pharmacists within our company, at all our locations. Interacting with our patients and helping motivate them to better their quality of life is the most rewarding part of her career.

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